Renewable Energy Technologies

REMREC primarily focuses on enhancing the livelihoods of rural communities through the implementation of renewable energy technologies. Due to Nepal’s geography and resource distribution renewable energy technologies are an ideal way to bring energy to remote, rural communities. In 1996 the Government of Nepal established the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre, which has the purpose of developing and promoting renewable energy technologies in Nepal. In 2011 the Nepalese Government and the AEPC, along with development partners decided to support a National Rural and Renewable Energy Programme (NRREP). NRREP’s goal is to improve the living standards of rural people, increase employment and productivity, reduce dependency on traditional energy methods and attain sustainable development. REMREC works within this programme as well as with many other partners to help provide rural communities with renewable energy technologies. REMREC currently works with the following technologies:

Community Electrification

Improved Water Mill

Biomass (Improved Cooking Stoves)

Photo Voltaic Pumping System

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