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The first purpose of community electrification is to bring lighting to communities, and this is often accompanied by the use of small scale electronic devices such as mobile phone chargers. However by having lighting, community members can be far more productive and engage in income generating activities (IGA) in the evening. It also allows them more time to work during the day as house hold chores can be done in the evening. Finally the electricity can be used to help power and create enterprises. REMREC provides support for all these activities.
The main objective of the business development team is “To contribute to an increase in income generation and employment potential for MSMEs in rural areas, particularly for women and men belonging to socially and economically disadvantaged groups”. REMREC, working as a regional service provider for NRREP (National Rural and Renewable Energy Programme) supports micro, small and medium enterprises and helps them expand as well as providing support and subsidies to help create new innovative businesses. REMREC emphasizes integrating women and marginalised groups into these businesses thus improving the employability and livelihoods of the entire community.

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