Public Auditing in RIDP

Funding Partner : DoLIDAR/ADB
Implementing Partner : Users’ Committees/CBOs
Duration : 2000-2005
Program District : Kavre

Assignment Name:

Public Auditing and Technical Orientation Training for Group Leaders of labour groups




 Location within Country: Kavre


Professional Staff  Provided by Your Consultant/Entity (profiles):
Name of Client:


No. of staff- 3

Sanepa, Lalitpur

No. of Staff- Months; Duration of Assignment: 42 months
Start Date

(Month/Year): October 2000

Completion Date

(Month/Year): January 2001


Approx. Value of Services NRs 136,170.00
Name of associated consultants if any: NA No. of Months of Professional staff provided by associated consultants:


Name of Senior Staff, Designation (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader etc.) Involved and Functions Performed:

Chan Bahadur Gurung (Coordinator)

Uddhim Bahadur Devkota (Public Auditing Expert)

Narrative description of Project: (Actual assignment, nature of activities performed and location)

Documentation and provide clear and transparent information to project stakeholders and its beneficiaries on financial expenditure, physical progress and social benefits. The public auditing were conducted locally which covers the locations at:

S.N. Road Sections LRUC Mobilized Location
1 Khopasi – Madandas (00-10 km section) LRUC – I Khyakoo
2 Madanbas – Kamidanda (10-20 km section) LRUC – II Madanbas
3 Kamidanda – Bhanjayang (20-35 km section) LRUC – III Mahankal Bhugdeu
4 Bhanjayang – Phalametar (35- 45 km section) LRUC – IV Phalametar
5 Phalametar – Dandagaun (45-55 km  section) LRUC – V Dandagaun
6 Dandagaun – Taldhunga (55-68 km section) LRUC – VI Taldhunga
Description of actual services provided by your staff :

REMREC as the solely responsible local partner organization, provided services for public auditing from grass-roots to district level and conducting of training for group leaders of labour groups. Major scope of services consists of:

Public Auditing

·         Documentation of financial expenses, physical and social progress of project from fiscal year 2054/055 to 2056/057.

·         Provide transparent information and enabling the community people on overall project activities including financial expenditure through mass meeting and public notice both at field and district level.

Training Conduction

·         Selection of participants and training on road construction and overall project orientation including project approaches.

·         Coordination and follow – up support




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